Why Copyrighting Your Nudes Won't Protect You from Revenge Porn

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Please note that this ain't me.
Relationship abuse is nothing new, but the internet has taken it to new extremes. Revenge porn is one way angry (mostly) men are attempting to get back at (mostly) women for their alleged wrongs. Some people say that copyrighting your nudes will protect you from the dangers of revenge porn. Here's why they're wrong.

Kim K and the History of Women in Law School

Sunday, September 15, 2019

By now you're probably familiar with the fact that Kim Kardashian West is using the free time she has, between her instagram posts and whatever else she does, to study The Law. As one of the most influential humans on the planet, if social media followers equate to influence--which they do because it's 2019 (compare her 145 million instagram followers to, for example, Barack Obama's 23 million)--her choice to go into the rather mundane profession that her father famously practiced has created quite a stir. The ruckus includes guffaws over the audacity she has to think she's smart enough to practice law, screaming accusations that she's just using her money and influence to get ahead, and, more accurately, predictions that she'd never be able to actually appear in court because the mere fact of her influence would tip the scales of justice too unfairly. Mostly, though, people are just confused about how she's going to sit for the California bar having never set foot in an accredited law school.

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